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What Do We Treat?

Neurological Physiotherapy, stroke, Parkinsons Disease, MS

Neurological conditions

We have experience in treating a range of Neurological conditions including Stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, Guillain Barre, Spinal Injury, Vestibular Rehabilitation and a range of other neurological conditions. You may be at the beginning of your rehabilitation journey or further in your recovery pathway, or require support to maintain a level of mobility and independence. We can support you to identify specific, realistic and achievable goals and tailor your rehab around them.

Mobility problems

Mobility problems

As we age, many things can lead to a deterioration in mobility. This can have a profound effect on how we manage our lives and seriously impact on how we perform our activities of daily living, potentially leading to isolation and resultant anxiety and depression. Our aim is to identify the factors effecting mobility and give you the tools to maintain your function, allowing you to be as active as possible.

post orthopaedic surgery


Falls happen increasingly as we age which can be frightening and lead to a loss of confidence. There are many things you can do to help reduce your risk of falling and improve your confidence. We are here to assess your falls risk, provide environmental checks to ensure there are no trip hazards and to provide a comprehensive rehab programme to help minimise your risk of falling.

post hospital stay

Post Hospital Stay

Whether you have had surgery or an acute illness, we can help you regain the strength, mobility and confidence you may have lost whilst in hospital. Following surgery, it is important to rebuild the muscle strength and regain range of movement in your joints. Our rehabilitation programmes will help to achieve this, enabling you to return to a more active lifestyle.

Confidence building

Confidence Building

Many things can lead to a lack of confidence in movement. The most frequent cause is usually due to a fall. Losing confidence can really limit your mobility and social interactions which in turn can lead to social isolation and further increased risk of falling. We can support you through a range of exercises and experiences to improve your confidence, challenge your function and help you achieve your goal whether that be visit a friends house, get on a bus, a walk on the beach with family or just be confident walking around your garden.

falls and balance dysfunction

Post Orthopaedic Surgery

Physiotherapy following surgery is hugely important. We can help restore strength and flexibility in joints and muscles, reduce pain and inflammation, enhance balance and coordination and also prevent further injury. We can also help you find different ways to move that prevent excessive strain being out on other joints.

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